PAL-Labs, You Best Acoustic Test Partner
PAL is an acoustic testing total solution provider. Our service includes the below two:
 Perfessional acoustic test 3rd party labs
 Acoustic testing total solution provider
PAL Acoustics Technology Ltd. is devoted to provide professional acoustic testing
and consulting services for IT/Telecom/Architecture industries. PAL is keeping on
researching in noise, vibration, and audio application fields. We also provide
integrated solutions for acoustic testing capability build-up.
Why Choose PAL?
PAL is a professional acoustic 3rd party laboratory specified in acoustics fields for more than 15
years. PAL has tested several thousand kinds of products and established an abundant
database for various applications.
Not just measurement service, PAL also offers acoustic measurement integration service,
including providing measurement software, hardware, lab building service.
PAL’s advantages are:
  Professional acoustic engineer instead of operator
  High-end, complete, and traceable test equipment
  Fast data and reporting process
  Complete acoustic database
  ISO/IEC 17025 accredited report
  Reasonable and customized price
  Can assist customers to build in-house test capability
PAL History
       Start to provide hands-free communication test service for car – communication quality test
           service for Internet of Vehicle (IoV
         Partner with Google for ChromeOS System Audio Performance Qualification
       Partner with Google for ChromeOS camera module qualification test service
         Provide test service conforms to the requirements of Microsoft Cortana
            Speech Platform Input Device Recommendation
       Establish PAL own brand noise cancelling product design center           
       Start to provide Lync/Skype unified (Skype for Business) qualification test service
       Got FCC/CS/ACIF approval for IP phone HAC regulatory test
       Partner with Skype for hardware certification            
       Established the 2nd China branch in Dongguan and built the 1st acoustic lab           
       Provided TIA-920 "Transmission Requirements for Wideband Digital Wireline
         Telephones" test service for VoIP related terminal products and the test service
          was certificated by TAF on Mar, 2011.   
       Certificated by Microsoft as a qualified test house to perform “Optimized for Microsoft Lync Logo audio test"
       Provided architectural acoustics (room acoustics) simulation, measurement, and
          consulting services, including reverberation time, sound reduction index (R),
          sound transmission class (STC), EDT...
       Got TAF ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation (acceredited scope: ISO 3744, ISO 7779,
          ISO 9296, ECMA-74, EN 50332-1, EN 50332-2) also became an ilac member
       Provided microphone/speaker audio performance test, including frequency
          response, loudness rating, total harmonic distortion, signal to noise ratio…)
       Provided EN50332 safety test service for sound system equipment in Taipei
       Built the 2nd acoustic lab in Kunshan branch
       Built the 3rd  acoustic lab in Taipei
       Got NVLAP ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation (Lab Code: 200705, Due date: 2008/3/31)
       Renamed as “PAL Acoustics Technology Ltd.”
       Spun out from Pendec Enterprise Co., Ltd, brought existence
          “Pendec Acoustics Laboratory Ltd.”
       Built 2nd acoustic lab in Taipei
       Established 1st China branch in Kunshan and built the 1st acoustic lab  
       Received certification from Dell for acoustics testing, and certified by Dell as an
          independent 3rd party acoustic laboratory
       Built the first acoustic lab in Taipei, as a testing department of Pendec Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Vision of PAL
    Provide One-Stop Acoustic Test Toal Solution  
    Keep Integrity, Un-bias, and Professional 
    Develop Leading  Acoustic Testing Services Per Market Trends


Promise of PAL



Contact Information


  PAL Acoustics Technology Ltd. (Taipei Headquater)

     Address: 4F, No.388, Sec.1, Nei Hu Rd., Taipei, 114 Taiwan

     Tel: 886-2-26272515

     Fax: 886-2-26272295

     Contact window: grace_wung@pal-acoustics.com


  Pendec Electronics Technology (Kunshan) Ltd. (Kunshan Lab)

     Address: Room 506, No.399, Qianjin East Rd.,  Kunshan City, Jiangsu, China 215333

     Tel: 86-512-5730-8237

     Fax: 86-512-5730-8231

     Contact window: Roger Wang

     Contact number: 13912659120

     Contact email: roger_wang@pendec.com


  Dongguan Pendec Electronics Technology Ltd. (Dongguan Lab)

     Address: Room 206, Leader Plaza Building, No. 303 Changching South Rd., Changan Zhen,

     Dongguang City, China 523850

     Tel: 0769-81501015

     Fax: 0769-8150-1017

     Contact: Denis Wang

     Contact number: 13509019317

     Contact email: denis_wang@pendec.com