• 1. What is sound quality?
  • Sound quality refers to the feeling of human beings, whose theory is pretty complicated and not unveil all already, and related to psychoacoustics.
  • 2. Why do we need sound quality?
  • Due to the emphasis of live quality of modern, we pursue high environmental quality. About sound, loud or quiet sound is not the best standard, for example at home, although the music played by CD-player is way louder than the sound of car brake far away, the later is unacceptable for people, so only sound pressure is unable to determine noise or not. That is, we bring sound quality test, through various parameters we can judge whether your products will be annoying.
  • 3. What is “declared value” in ISO 9296?
  • Declared value in ISO 9296 is calculated through fusing measuring value of sound pressure and sound power with statistics. If you’ve already had the measuring data from our lab, we are welcome to assist you to get declared value free.