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 About "PAL Acoustic Test Procedure"

These PAL acoustic test procedures are complete guides to conduct the acoustical measurements, data analysis and reports respectively for the IT devices.
The main contents consist of test setups, test conditions, test criteria, sampling and reporting, detailed as follows:
 Test Setup:
The microphone positions and the location of EUT (equipment under test) are defined in accordance with ISO7779 (or EMCA74).
 Test Condition:
In order to reflect the acoustical performance of products in reality, test conditions shall be set as similar as possible as the conditions end user might apply. There are two main kinds of test conditions defined in ISO7779 and EMCA 74, idle mode and operating modes, respectively. Idle mode is the system idling without any application running. On the other hand, the operating mode is the system is performing its intended functions. With long term testing experiences in the field of acoustic, PAL can provide the sophisticated test conditions to acquire the data for acoustical design studies.  
 Test Criteria:
The criteria are the acoustic specifications which products should meet. They usually contain common acoustic parameters such as sound pressure level, (SPL), Loudness, Prominence ratio, and Modulation. With the help of these acoustic characteristics, product designers may identify the acoustical issue of the products and do comparison of products with different configurations.         
To ensure the deviations attributed from the variations in components and assemblies are acceptable, the statistical methods must be employed to analyze the acoustical data of the products. From our experiences, numbers of samples may vary very differently depending on categories of products.  
The following information must be reported:
1.    Products configurations
2.   Operating environment conditions
3.   Operating Personnel
4.   Test Date
5.   Test standard and method
6.   Test equipments
7.   Test setup
8.   Setup Photo
9.   Test condition
10. Test Criteria
11. Test Result
What PAL Can Provide?
Many manufacturers have acoustical issues but do not know how to define the problems and do proper measurement to show the phenomenon. PAL has abundant experiences of the acoustical testing; therefore PAL could assist our customers with appropriate environment conditions, providing the recommended testing configurations and criteria as reference to solve the issues and develop the products with better sound qualities.  
The following table shows the product category of PAL acoustic test procedure:


If your product does not belong to any category above, please contact with us to acquire the specific test procedure for the product. 



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Test Fee and Quotation:
If you have acoustical issues and need trouble shooting, please contact with PAL's sales representative,
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