Google Assistant Readiness Test (ART) Service



About “ART”
The purpose of Google ART test is to use a set of standardized test procedures to verify if
the Google Assistant enabled products can provide good performance while operating by voice.
The test will check if the product has low Fales Rejection Rate (FRR), low Word Error Rate (WER)
, and low False Acceptance (FA).
The developers can be authorized by Google to establish a Developer Account then get
the access to review ART related docummentations. The test spec/setup/methodology is put
in the website Google ART Developer
What PAL Provides?
PAL was approved by Google to be their 3rd party test labs. The developer who wants
to enable Google Assistant on their products can work with PAL for the test. PAL will use Google
defined test environment, test equipments, and test specifications to conduct the test. Our 
test report can be admitted by Google. The developer can use PAL report as the approval report
before mass production.
More Information
If you want to have further information about PAL ART test service, you can contact with us:   
   E-mail: sales@pal-acoustics.com
   Phone: 886-2-26272515