Acoustic Lab Build-up & Performance Check




Per our extensive test experience on acoustics field, PAL provides

one-stop solution for the customers who are planning to establish

their own test labs or production line test stations. We are confident that the

customers can build correct and appropriate test lab with our assistance.





(Fig.1) One-Stop Acoustic Test Total Solution




Scope of Service


  Anechoic/Hemi-Anechoic Lab Design & Build-up

  Listening Room (ETSI Room) Design & Build-up

  Anechoic Box Design & Build-up

  Test Lab Performance Check

  Lab Equipment and Setup Integration Service

  Room Acoustics Performance Check (RT, STI, NR...)




Why Choose PAL?


PAL is the only one in the market who has anechoic chamber design &

manufacture capability and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited acoustic test labs.

Our service covers anechoic chamber design, manufacture, verification,

and lab/production line test capability establishment. If you have the

demand of building your own anechoic chamber/box, we can base on

your location, space, DUT characteristics, and automation requirement

to design an appropriate one for you.



 (Fig.2) Anechoic Chamber Construction




 (Fig.3) ETSI Room Construction






  (Fig.4) Anechoic Box Construction




List Of Completed Projects


We have completed the lab building projects with many leading companies.

Please feel free to contact our sales representative to get more information!





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