EN 50332 Sound system equipment – Headphones and earphones associated with portable audio equipment – Maximum sound pressure level measurement methodology and limit consideration

Why Shall Follow EN 50332 Standard?
    1. In Oct.2006, German GS Mark authorized institution ZLS (EK1-AG1) claimed: “For all earphone/headphone
        relative products  shall forcedly execute Sound Pressure Level test.”
    2. In Jan. 2007, EK1-AG1 standard demanded all earphone/headphone relative product shall conform to the requests of
        the standard. That is, for all earphone/headphone relative products, if they want to apply GS Mark, they shall follow
        EN 50332 standard.
    3. MP3 players including their attached ear phones are also suitable for use the standard. Other possible audio output 
        products, such as Notebook, Desktop, Monitor, DVD player, Server, TV, Stereo system, are needed to be evaluated
        by the standard
    4. EN 60950 has included EN 50332 to be the "Must Test" item
Scope of EN 50332
 EN 50332 Part1:
Scope: Suitable for “One package equipment”, Headphone / earphone when associated with portable audio 
Limits: Measured by Head and Torso Simulator (HATS). The max sound pressure level under standard testing
              source shall be lower than 100 dB.

EN 50332 Part2:
Scope: Suitable for battery-operated audio equipment and Headphone /earphones defined for the use with those
              and with standardized connectors allowing to combine components of different manufactures or different
              design sold separately.
Limits:  Measured by an identified simulation circuit via a standard earphone /headphone. For players, the max
              output voltage shall be lower than 150mV. For headphones /earphones, the WBC voltage shall be larger
              than 75mV.

    Hemi-anechoic room
    Capacity: 5 x 5 x 3 cube meters
    Ambient Temperature: 23 ± 2∘C
    Cut-off Frequency: 100 Hz
    Background Noise: 16.5 dB(A)
    HMS II.3 HEAD Measurement System with
    Ear Canal coupler and Artificial mouth.
       ACQUA-EN 50332 Compact Maximum Sound Pressure Measurement system
     IEC 60286-1 Standard test sound source