Microsoft Cortana Test Service





PAL provides Microsoft Cortana test service that fully conforms to the requirements of the “Speech Platform – Input Device Recommendations”.



For product developers, if you want to design an input device which provides great user experience when communicating with Cortana, you have to be very careful about the key points below:


 Microphone (array) ion and its geometry

 Mechanical design around the microphone and speaker

 Proper speech algorithm implementation and tuning

 Proper audio pipeline declaration to Windows

 Proper registry key settings in driver/APO/FW after testing



Fig.1 Microsoft Speech Platform



PAL offers an objective Cortana test service in our calibrated standard test environment. During the test, you will have chance to consult our dedicated audio engineers who are familiar with the requirements of Cortana. You will not just get a test report but also understand the unconformity compared with the requirement Cortana. Through the service, you will have a chance to largely reduce the try & error process and fasten the time to market.



Fig.2 Self Check Flow before conducting Cortana test 



Fig.3 Example of Test Setup



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