Lab & Production Line Test Station Build-up




Per our extensive test experience on acoustics and image quality fields, PAL

provides one-stop solutions for the customers who are planning to establish

their own test labs or production line test stations. We are confident that the

customers can build correct and appropriate test capability with our help.





(Fig.1) One-Stop Acoustic Test Total Solution


Scope of Service


  Measurement & Analysis Software Development & Integration

  Measurement Equipment Planning, Test Jig Design & Integration

  Anechoic Chamber, Anechoic Box Design & Manufacture

  Listening Room, ETSI Room Design & Construction

  Image Quality Test Lab Design & Construction

  Machine Vision (AOI) Inspection Equipment Design & Manufacture



Measurement & Analysis Software Development & Integration


PAL has fully understanding about the acoustic test for different kinds of

products. We can develop acoustic test software per your need and help

you to build your own test capability. Our extensive test experience will

be your strong backing while you get troubles on measurement or

analyzing. Our differentiations in the market are:


  Provide Sound Quality Analysis Module per Psycho-acoustics theories

  Provide customizing service per customers’ specifications or standards

  The accuracy of the test software has been verified by PAL-Labs 


      i.g. Correlated results: PAL(left) v.s. Head Acoustics ArtemiS (right)


 (Fig.2) FFT Aanalysis Comparison


(Fig.3) Prominence Ratio Analysis Comparison


(Fig.4) Tone to Noise Ratio Analysis Comparison


(Fig.5) 1/3 Octave Smoothing Analysis Comparison



Measurement Equipment Planning, Test Jig Design & Integration


According to the sound & vibration characteristics, user scenarios, accuracy

requirement, PAL can help you to plan a set of test equipments that fully

satisfied your demand in most cost-effective way. We also can assist you to

integrate some peripheral equipment like tachometer, PWM, PSU, DC loads…

to approach the goal of automation test.



Anechoic Chamber, Anechoic Box Design & Manufacture


PAL is the only one in the market who has anechoic chamber design &

manufacture capability and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited acoustic test labs.

Our service covers anechoic chamber design, manufacture, verification,

and lab/production line test capability establishment. If you have the

demand of building your own anechoic chamber/box, we can base on

your location, space, DUT characteristics, and automation requirement

to design an appropriate one for you.


 (Fig.6) Anechoic Chamber Construction



Listening Room, ETSI Room Design & Construction


The key points of designing a listening room or ETSI room include the

reverberation time adjustment and the level control of sound insulation.

The design involves in the knowledge of sound absorption & insulation

material ion and distribution. PAL has full range of capabilities the cover

designing, manufacturing, adjustment, and validation. You can build

a qualified listening room with our support.



 (Fig.7) ETSI Room Construction



Image Quality Test Lab Design & Construction


We also help customers to build image quality test labs that conform to the

requirements per Skype for Business video and Google ChromeOS image

quality specifications. If you want to have an image quality test lab in your

company, you can contact with us.


 (Fig.8) Image Quality Test Lab Construction


Machine Vision (AOI) Inspection Equipment Design & Manufacture


In production line, the operators usually used naked eyes to inspect the

defects or unwanted particles of the materials. This way has low confidence

since the operator may be tired afterlong time working. To enhance the

confidence, you may want to use Machine Vision (AOI) toreplace or assist

the operator. If you have this kind of demands, you can contact with PAL for

advanced discussion.


 (Fig.9) AOI Material Defect Inspection


Contact PAL


If you are interested in the service above or want to have more related

information, please feel free to contact with PAL by the email or phone

number below:


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