USI Stylus Certification Test Service


The Purpose Of USI Certification
USI is working to develop and promote an industry specification for a cross-system active stylus.
It provides consistency in stylus devices by confirming that products can communicate with different touch
device, that USI certified products will be interoperable with other devices support USI function.
     Target Product: Any device that support USI function (StylusTouch PadLaptop with touch function)

     Applicant: The certification is for USI members only.  Please refer to the LINK for more detail


     Test Item:
             Stylus (Protoco link & SEP test)
             System (Device test) using the instrument provided by USI
What PAL Can Provide?
PAL is an USI certificated test lab. We can provide certification test service that conforms with USI requirements.
Any device developer who has this test demand can contact with PAL
Further Information
You could go to USI Website to get further information, or contact with PAL for immediate support:    
   E-mail: sales@pal-labs.com    Phone: 886-2-26272515